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Operations & Training
A regiment is about people and their character; character that has been honed by training, fear, loyalty and bravery, fashioned and hardened by war.

The Regiment is an Armoured Infantry regiment, and forms the cutting edge of the Army.


The 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh operates as the Lead Armoured Infantry task force in the British Army; a new concept in Army 2020 and sees both the 1st and 3rd Battalions regularly deploy in order to remain at Full Operating Capability.

Members of The Royal Welsh have completed operational tours of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Estonia, Malawi, Saudi Arabia and many more.. 

In addition, members of the Regiment have deployed in support of 1 SCOTS, the Specialized Infantry Battalion and regularly have the opportunity to deploy on operations all over the world.

In order to deploy at a moment's notice, both Battalions undertake regular and arduous training in the United Kingdom or on overseas training exercises in the USA, Canada, Romania, Germany, Kenya, Cyprus and elsewhere.

The British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) in Alberta, Canada, has hosted the Welsh Warriors a number of times and allows the Regiment to train in a fully staffed and equipped Battlegroup. The Royal Welsh have routinely demonstrated their effectiveness, professionalism and capability when being tested on the prairie.

Our soldiers and officers are required to develop professionally through field and class-based courses, which in time allows them to promote and specialise in specific roles such as support weapons, intelligence or instructor-based roles.

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