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Sport & Adventurous Training

Opportunities exist for anyone wishing to pursue Sport or Adventurous Training to the highest level. Whether to summit Everest without oxygen, represent the army in rugby union, white-water kayak the Sjoa River in Norway or skiing first descents in Greenland.

Adventurous Training

In The Royal Welsh, you can go on numerous adventurous training expeditions in the UK and all over the world, from Africa to the Antarctic.


You can try rock climbing, scuba diving, skiing, freefall parachuting and much more. If you really like these activities then the Regiment can even send you away to become qualified as an instructor.

Even on operations we have many adventure training centres that we can use as part of the welfare package.

In this year alone we have had soldiers go on adventure training expeditions to South America, Cyprus and Germany. 


The Royal Welsh have a fiercely proud reputation in the sphere of army sports. Our rugby union team have historically dominated in the Army Cup with over 25 championship wins since its creation in 1906 and a number of players representing at international level. We boast a competitive nature in Football and Boxing which make up our other more popular sports played in the Regiment.

In addition we currently have Welsh Warriors representing Corps, Army or Combined Services teams in alpine and nordic skiing, athletics, cricket, horse racing, rugby 7s, tennis, motocross, triathlon, cycling and more.


There is a huge emphasis for our soldiers and officers to take part in individual or team sports on a weekly basis whether it is at a competitive, army standard or just playing 5-a-side football with friends on the AstroTurf.

Generally we allow time for sporting activities on a Wednesday afternoon in camp but there are plenty of other opportunities to develop your sporting prowess. 

We welcome anybody who wishes to start up a new sport in The Royal Welsh - it doesn't have to be football or rugby!

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