Daily Routine

The Army is different from most jobs. The people you work alongside aren't just your colleagues, they're your best mates. And you don't just get brilliant training and support, you get somewhere to call home.

Day to Day Life
You'll normally work 7.30am to about 5pm, Monday to Friday, however we usually start late on Mondays and finish early on Fridays to allow time to get home to Wales. Usually you'll be free to do what you like in the evenings and weekends.
When you're on exercise or operations, you'll be away from your routine life. Operations can last up to 6 months, and you're usually given plenty of notice.
When you're not working

Being in The Royal Welsh doesn't only give you a job it gives you a home too. From the moment you arrive, you will be given somewhere to live and you'll be living with your mates. There are alternatives to living on camp including a family home for you and your family if you need it.

You'll have plenty of free time - most days you'll finish work and will be able to spend your evenings however you like. You'll be able to take advantage of facilities on camp, or leave camp to spend time in the local area. Most of the time, you're able to go away at the weekend too if you want - as long as you're back in time for work on Monday.

Being in an Armoured Infantry Regiment


As an armoured infanteer a significant part of your early career will be spent in the vehicle sheds looking after the armoured fighting vehicles such as the Warrior or the Bulldog. Initially you will be required to specialise as a driver or a gunner where you will have the opportunity to put your newly qualifications and skill set to the test ensuring that the vehicles and weaponry are operationally serviceable. This inevitably comes with plenty of tiring, hard-work but you are rewarded by testing the vehicles on the training area in the UK or abroad or even on operations.

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