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We are

The Royal Welsh

Croeso Welcome

The Royal Welsh exists to represent the people of Wales, serve the United Kingdom and enforce its interests at home and overseas. Every member of The Royal Welsh will uphold high levels of professionalism, display self-discipline at all times, show courage when tested and display lifelong loyalty to their Soldiers and Officers.

Those who serve in The Royal Welsh will excel at mounted and dismounted combat and draw strength from our rich history and heritage. Each member of The Royal Welsh must constantly drive to perfect the ways of the modern warrior - a Welsh Warrior.

The Royal Welsh emulate the fine standards and traditions of its gallant forebears, to make it one of the finest Regiments in the British Army. All members of The Royal Welsh are part of one Welsh Regimental family. We pride ourselves on our close comradeship forged by demanding training and through shared hardship during periods of conflict.

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