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February 4, 2020

The mountains are an unforgiving place in which only the highest level of soldiering will deliver success. The Carpathian Mountains in Romania have been fought over for centuries, with the brutality of the Eastern Front highlighting this in 1944-45. D Company, 1 R WELSH, were given the opportunity to develop their skills in this difficult environment and it was one that was met with excitement. D Company was required to change from an armoured support weapons company into a light role rifle company once more, and the men of the company adapted from their specialist roles as mortarmen, javelin operators and pioneers with little...

January 14, 2020

Over the weekend of 25–27 October 2019, C Company 1 R WELSH were privileged to deploy to Holland in support of the commemorations marking the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The Welsh soldiers who fought were part of the 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division that spent four days in October 1944 battling to free the city in southern Netherlands in which 146 Welsh soldiers died. 

The celebrations began with a service in the Cathedral followed by a parade through the city with the R WELSH group swelling to include the Shenkin (the Regimental Mascot), R WELSH Band, cadets, antecedent regimental standard bearers and...

On the morning of 30th October 2019, B (Rorke’s Drift) Company deployed onto Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) to start the Company annual Battle Craft Syllabus. The Company has recently had a number of personality changes in command therefore this was an excellent opportunity to “shake out” and practice our MCC and DCC skills. The first few days on the Plain where vital  to success and particularly rewarding. It allowed the Company to learn as a collective and focused on MCC at Platoon Level; this included occupation of hides, AFV camouflage and concealment along with basic open area attacks. This was closely observed and...

October 28, 2019

The road to Japan for the tri-services Rugby team began in July with a selection day. Players from all three services attended a two-day training camp in Portsmouth.  If selected, we would all be meeting in September ready to fly to the International Defence World Cup (IDRC) in Japan.

September came and the good news had arrived and both Cpl Evans and Cpl Smith from The Royal Welsh had made the cut!

Once we had flown out to Narita, the UK Armed Forces team stayed just a short distance from the Narita airport. Training was underway immediately as the first game against the Georgian defence force was only four days after landing....

October 15, 2019

This summer saw two Sniper pairs from Sniper Platoon 1 R WELSH enter the European Best Sniper Team Competition (EBSTC) for the first time. The competition, hosted and organised by US Army Snipers, is run each year in Grafenwöhr, Germany, with the aim to test Snipers in all the Sniper core skills, from physical fitness to stalking.

Despite the competition being named the ‘European’ Sniper competition, there were Snipers from other NATO nations present who are currently deployed in Europe. In all, there were 32 teams from 18 different nations present. The competition consisted of 10 events over a 5-day period. Each Sniper pair ha...

Members of the 1st and 3rd Battalion, The Royal Welsh spent two weeks with almost 7,000 troops from seven countries, taking part in Exercise NORTHERN STRIKE in Michigan, United States in July.

Dubbed the “Superbowl of military manoeuvres”, the annual exercise is based in Camp Grayling, the largest National Guard training centre in the US – twice the size of Salisbury Plain. Exercise NORTHERN STRIKE is the most complex US National Guard test of its kind in terms of testing basic military sets, aviation manoeuvrability and integration with international troops.

It was an opportunity for soldiers from the two Battalions to integrat...

Exercise PRAIRIE STORM (Ex PS), formerly named Exercise MED MAN for the slightly older reader, is held at the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) in Alberta, Canada, the centre of excellence for all armoured training. The exercise area is larger than the county of Gloucestershire and allows the exercising units to conduct training, including live-firing, on a much larger scale than is possible in the UK.

The main aim of BATUS is to assess whether Battlegroups (BG) are fit to deploy on operations. Not only are the BG headquarters and Rifle Companies being assessed but also the attached arms: Engineers, Artillery and Cava...

Mountain biking (MTB) is rising in popularity throughout society and the regiment is no different with growing numbers taking up the sport.

Several disciplines within MTB allow for a wide variety of activities, ranging from tough physical races over technical terrain known as cross country (XC) to the more adrenaline filled Downhill (DH), which sees participants throwing themselves down mountains in the fastest time possible over some seriously challenging terrain.

The pinnacle of the DH season culminates in the inter-service DH event that is held each year. This year the championships were held at the auspicious Revolution bike...

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