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Upon the nationwide lockdown, triggered by the exponential growth of COVID-19, the 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh made a swift exit from Ex GOTHIC DRAGON in Sennelager, Germany and began Working from Home. I was offered the opportunity to act as the Assistant Military Attaché for Commander JMC Wales, Brigadier Andrew Dawes CBE, in support of the Op RESCRIPT effort in Wales. Naturally, I felt this to be a good opportunity to avoid the repetitive days of lockdown but also to help as a small cog in a big machine, in the Welsh effort to combat COVID-19.

It was the first time I have been exposed to a Brigade HQ environment. I had to...

As many of you know, I took on the role of Chief of Defence People (CDP) just as the Covid-19 pandemic was beginning to grip the world in February. As you can imagine, this has meant that the first few months in post have brought some interesting and unexpected challenges as we all get used to this new way of life. While some aspects of the ways in which we work have changed drastically in recent months, the crucial role you all play has remained constant. You are more valuable and essential to Defence outputs than ever before in these challenging, uncertain times.

As CDP I am in the privileged position of being able see this f...

Following A Company's deployment to NHS Nightingale Bristol last month, 1 R WELSH have continued to reinforce the UK’s response to Covid-19. C Company has led in delivering Mobile Testing Units (MTUs) as part of the Government testing scheme. 

Mobilised for training in the final week of April, members of C Coy made the journey from Tidworth to Grantham to complete their training as part of the Covid-19 taskforce. Organised into MTUs, these five, twelve-man teams were responsible for the construction, administration and running of new testing sites across the South West of England.

From Truro to Swindon, C Coy were in force to de...

As the world has ground to a halt following the COVID-19 outbreak, training within 1 R WELSH initially followed suit. Many planned individual and collective training events from April to July had to be either postponed or cancelled. With BATUS in 2021 looming on the horizon, the Battalion has had to find new ways to continue training to maintain important skills.

Companies run lessons and study online using a wide variety of training resources offered by the MOD. Lessons include dismounted and mounted doctrine, Support Company specific capabilities, Company and Battalion standard operating procedures (SOPs), and numerous other...

May 11, 2020

As I write this latest Blog, we are in some form of lock-down, due to the Corona virus. Our daily routines and activities have certainly changed beyond all recognition and many people have used this enforced spare time, to invest in projects and activities that they've often thought about doing, but never really got round to, due to lack of time or inclination. Attics, gardens and garages everywhere have never been so tidy!!! It's also been an opportunity for people to re-evaluate what is really important to them in their lives e.g. friends and family, good health, the ability and freedom to come and go as you please, job sati...

April 30, 2020

In early 2020, 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh deployed three independent Short Term Training Teams, consisting of four soldiers per team, to support the British Military Mission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One team was centred in Riyadh conducting Marksmanship and another in Dammam, focused on Urban Operations. The teams supported the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG). As overall Team Leader, I will focus on my team’s experience supporting the Internal Security and Patrols course run in the Western Sector with the support of Corporals McDonald, Merril and Tipping.  We were to be based in Jeddah; home of the Islamic Port a...

I was fortunate enough to be selected to visit Fugitives Drift early this year, an opportunity of a lifetime. Before leaving for South Africa, we reflected during the annual Rorke's Drift day commemoration in Battalion and I stood in church and read accounts of CSgt Bourne from his time on the battlefield. During those readings I didn't really realise how impressive this individual was and how my interest in the Anglo-Zulu war was about to change.

I flew from Heathrow to Johannesburg, spent a short time exploring and finally caught a coach 250 miles across South Africa to Ladysmith, another place the Regiment ha...

On a gloomy afternoon on 6 December, after many months of preparation and anticipation, the 2019-20 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh Alpine Ski Team assembled on the parade square of Lucknow Barracks. We eagerly loaded seemingly endless pairs of skis, poles, ski maintenance equipment and bags into the vehicles and set off on the long drive to the skiing mecca that is Val d’Isere, France. This season the team was comprised of six novices and two experienced skiers so the majority of the team were unsure of exactly what to expect on their arrival.

We departed at 1600hrs with Fus Jones 37 and Sgt Jones taking the first shift behind t...

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