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Festival of Music - Cardiff Bay 2 June 2
Regimental Band Careers

The Regimental Band of The Royal Welsh has versatility of style and repertoire which is both unique and highly popular whether on parade as a marching band, or on the concert platform. All musicians are members of the Army Reserve.

Who are the Regimental Band of
The Royal Welsh?

The Regimental Band of The Royal Welsh is one of the very few all-brass bands within British Army Music, drawing players from South Wales’s rich brass band heritage and culture to its ranks.  All musicians are members of the Army Reserve and commit to the Band around their educational studies or civilian occupations.


The Band has a versatility of style and repertoire both on the concert platform and on parade as a marching band.  It is regularly seen throughout the principality providing a wide range of public and ceremonial duties from Royal Gun salutes and freedom parades to its continued presence at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff where it performs to rugby fans Worldwide.

On many engagements, the Band is enhanced by the presence of the Corps of Drums of the 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh who, with their own imitable style and expertise, add the final polish to any engagement.  In contrast to the Bands’ blue helmets, the Corps of Drums can be easily identified by their white colonial helmets famously associated with the immortal defence of Rorke's Drift in 1879, which was brought to the big screen in the classic film 'Zulu'.


As well as domestic performances, the Band and Drums have also travelled throughout Europe, Canada, and Australia.  Their music has entertained audiences the world over with a number of military tattoos, including the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo in Canada, and the ‘Musikfest der Bundeswehr’ International Military Tattoo in Düsseldorf, Germany.


The Band and Drums are very active in supporting the service charities and pride themselves on supporting all the varying service units within Wales, as well as in a variety of activities representing their Regiment, the British Army, and the people of Wales.  In November 2019 they were awarded The Wales Armed Forces Award for their commitment, dedication and excellence, which was further demonstrated when, during the COVID-19 pandemic and with musical activities on hold, members of the Band and Drums were mobilised for Op RESCRIPT as part of the armed forces support to the NHS.

Royal Welsh Band - Hightown Barracks 2019
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