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Regimental Museums

The Firing Line Museum​


Firing Line is a unique and groundbreaking concept developed through a joint vision of 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards and The Royal Welsh.

Firing Line is a World-Class exhibition commemorating over 300 years of proud and distinguished history including the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, Rorke's Drift against the Zulus in 1879 as well as recent service in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

Firing Line is located in the purpose built 450 metre squared facility within Cardiff Castle. The site benefits from its immediate proximity to the public exhibitions at Cardiff Castle, which it both complements and expands upon.

Royal Welch Fusiliers Regimental Museum

The museums collection covers the 300 hundred year history of Wales's oldest infantry regiment and occupies five floors in two towers of the castle.

There are fine displays of uniforms, medals and regimental memorabilia from the many campaigns in which it has fought.

The Regimental Museum of The Royal Welsh

The Museum tells the fascinating story of The Royal Welsh, one of the British Army's most famous regiments. The Regiment's long history, dating back to the 1680s, is told through several different objects including uniforms, medals, weapons and models.

The Regiment has seen action in many prominent events, including the British campaign in South Africa, and both world wars.

Forty-three of the Regiments' soldiers have received the Victoria Cross, and we commemorate their sacrifice and heroism as well as that of all the men and women associated with our Regiment who have contributed so much to our country.

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