International Defence World Cup (IDRC) - Japan

The road to Japan for the tri-services Rugby team began in July with a selection day. Players from all three services attended a two-day training camp in Portsmouth. If selected, we would all be meeting in September ready to fly to the International Defence World Cup (IDRC) in Japan.

September came and the good news had arrived and both Cpl Evans and Cpl Smith from The Royal Welsh had made the cut!

Once we had flown out to Narita, the UK Armed Forces team stayed just a short distance from the Narita airport. Training was underway immediately as the first game against the Georgian defence force was only four days after landing. Cpl Evans and Cpl Smith had both made the team. Game day had arrived, and it was an early start for the players.

After a hard-fought match, the UKAF team won their first game and was through to the semi-final - where they would face France, fortunately it wouldn’t be a repeat of the 2011 Rugby World Cup semi-final! But unfortunately for our plucky Welsh Warriors, Cpl Evans picked up an injury and would take no further part in the tournament.

The team had 8 days until the next game so were given some time to go and explore the culture in Japan. They got to see some of the war shrines, Tokyo and they visited a school where they did some rugby lessons with the local children from the area. When the team arrived in Tokyo they all got to go and do some good socialising with each other enjoyed some well-deserved beers.