Soldier Careers

Few Army jobs can match the sheer adventure and excitement that comes with being an Infantry soldier in The Royal Welsh.

Whether on operations or exercise, peacekeeping or humanitarian work, there will be few days where you won't feel the thrill of pushing yourself to the absolute limit and fulfilling a vital role.

You'll receive the best military training on the planet to give you the know-how to face any situation, be it on patrol in Afghanistan or abseiling through the jungles of Belize.

So, what are the steps to becoming a Royal Welsh soldier?

These are the steps it takes to join the Regular Army as a Soldier.

Getting started

Use role finder to see what job might suit you. Create an online account so you can fill in and submit your application (it should only take a couple of minutes). If you have any questions at all, chat to our Advisers on Live Chat or pop in to an Army Careers Centre.
Once your application has been received and your basic eligibility assessed, you’ll be sent a link to complete an online form about your general health.

Army Career Centre Chat

If you are medically fit, you’ll be invited to your local Army Career Centre. Here, you'll get a 30 minute introduction to the Army, and what we can offer you, then you'll have half an hour with one of our recruiters. After your chat, you'll leave with a plan, which will help you get ready for the next steps in joining the Army.


If you meet eligibility standards, you’ll be invited to spend two days at an Assessment Centre. Here, you’ll do physical and mental tests to judge your fitness and soldier potential and have a medical examination. If you pass, you’ll be offered a job in the Army.
Before your employment offer is confirmed, you also need to have a pre-employment check. This involves filling out security forms and your doctor will need to send information about your medical background.
Your starting date will depend on your grade during assessment and the number of places the Army has on offer in your chosen trade.
Make sure you discuss your result with your Candidate Support Manager as they will be able to explain the next steps.


Your Army career begins with phase 1 training where you learn basic soldier skills. You then learn the specialist skills of your trade in Phase 2. 
Where you do your phase 1 training depends on your age and job choice.
Junior Soldiers (under 17 yr 5 mths) spend 20-week or 40-weeks at AFC Harrogate. If you are older, you will spend 14-weeks at either Pirbright or Winchester. Infantry recruits complete a combined phase 1 and 2 courses in Catterick.
After completing phase 1 and phase 2 training, you will join your unit where senior soldiers will provide support and ongoing professional development