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Adventure Training

Adventure training is a mandated activity within the armed forces and serving Royal Welshmen get the opportunity to take part in many expeditions around the world. The aim is to develop a soldier’s courage and leadership which ultimately improves operational capability. In recent years soldiers have skied, trekked, climbed, mountain biked, sailed and even kite surfed in Cyprus, Nepal, Sweden, Nepal, Kenya and Greenland.

These unique opportunities are still ‘on duty’ and you get paid to participate! Those who show a flair for an activity have the chance to gain both military and civilian instructor awards, which in turn allows them to plan and conduct expeditions of their own.

It’s not all a push over however as the training is designed to be physically and mentally challenging to create conditions where development can occur. That said, expeditions always have achievable aims and any specific training is delivered in a progressive and measured manner. If the training was too easy then soldiers would not feel they had achieved anything nor could they take pride in their efforts.

Adventure training is open to all ranks and ages although junior ranks do get priority when vacancies are limited. Those that take part genuinely enjoy the experience and feel that it has helped their confidence, fitness and organisational skills. Adventure training is also a way the regiment can broadcast itself to the wider public, invest in its soldiers and reward individuals for their service, commitment and loyalty.

Upcoming events for 2019 include skiing in France, trekking in Corsica, mountaineering on the Cuillin Ridge of Skye and canoeing along Scotland’s Great Glen.

Many of the expeditions represent the chance of a lifetime and competition for places can be high. Events are announced well in advance so individuals can plan ahead and attain the required fitness levels before applying.

If you wish to follow and find out more about the Royal Welsh’s adventure training just visit the regimental Facebook page where updates to AT activities are posted.

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