6 March 2017

All Sub Units have completed Collective Training level one exercises, as have headquarters elements. Bn HQ has also completed a Staff Advisory Visit prior to Christmas, and Guncamp 2 was conducted in Castlemartin with excellent first time pass rates. The R WELSH Battlegroup is currently on CSTTX in Warminster.

After a final week of conceptual training and Easter leave, the Bn will deploy to Canada on Exercise Prairie Storm One. On our return in June we will conduct a Battlefield Study on Op Dragoon in France and begin MST for Op CABRIT, including a further CSTTX, gun camp and CBRN training.

Manning levels; whilst retention is a concern, weakening recruiting is an exacerbating factor. Representation at RMAS.

Continued effort on recruiting.



6 March 2017

The culmination of 15 months preparation saw the Bn generate a Coy Gp to join the 1WG BG on Ex WESSEX STORM.  February on the Plain produced some demanding conditions but the entire Coy acquitted themselves incredibly well achieving parity with their Regular peers.  There is no doubt that that the 3rd Bn has now set the benchmark for the remainder of the Reserve Inf to achieve.  While the Reserves were having everything thrown at them, Bn HQ delivered a successful Visitors Day on behalf of 160X that saw a number of employers come to visit the exercise.  Unfortunately the seven MPs that were due to attend had to remain in Westminster for the BREXIT Vote.  Recruiting remains positive in demanding conditions and the recruit pipeline remains healthy.  The Bn produced a downhill ski team for the first time and joined the 1st Bn on Exercise FROSTED BLADE achieving a credible 2nd place among the Reserve units taking part.  There is plenty of potential for the future.  35 members of the Bn deploy on AT to France to conduct ski foundation training next week. 


December 2016’s Army 2020 Refine announcement confirmed that the Bn will no longer be paired with the WG from 1 Apr 17;  3 R WELSH will move into 12 (Armd Inf) Bde and be paired with the 1st Bn.  We are looking forward to deepening the fantastic relationship that we already have: the combined St David’s Day Dinner on 3 Mar 17 was a great way to start.  We are building up to a Live Field Firing Camp in Sennelager in September 17 and this will be the training focus for the remainder of the year.  Firm Base activity is dominated by the Royal Gun Salute (RGS) to be held at the Peirhead on 21 Apr 17.  Invitations have already been sent but this provides a great opportunity to engage with a diverse community in Cardiff and in the wider S Wales area.  Capacity is not an issue.


Future of Hightown Bks given the potential move of 101 Bn REME out of the camp and maintaining the Reserves ‘offer’ to CSgts and above who may perceive that there is no role for them now that we are paired with Armd Inf.