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Early 2020 saw us deploy at 0300hrs via coach to Sennelager, Germany. Our task was to be part of Ex GOTHIC PHOENIX for fleet repair and activation in preparation for the Battalion to deploy on GOTHIC DRAGON in March. Being the third Company in succession to deploy we had a good idea what to expect. However, the reality of the task soon dawned when we got hands on and saw the state of the vehicles. Needless to say, they were not in the best of conditions. Missing vital kit and equipment and having not been maintained since the withdrawal of BFG back to the UK, had left us with a mountain to climb. A further hindrance was the absence of facilities, staff and infrastructure that we normally tak


February 2020 saw the entire Battalion move out to Paderborn for the largest Battalion activity of the 1 R WELSH calendar year. The logistical conundrum that was the planning for this mammoth of an exercise was complete, and the stage was set for what looked to be an excellent gun camp. Charlie Company got off to a strong start on the armoured ranges, due in part to the significant work put into the restoration of the Land Training Fleet (Sennelager) by the Battalion during the weeks leading up to the exercise. Any mechanical setbacks on the ranges, which are inevitable on such exercises, were forgotten amidst the waves of enthusiasm from the excited, newly qualified gunners, all looking to

Working together apart: The new normal for B (Rorke's Drift) Company

“22A, fire all remaining rounds at the hard target to your front and go green on both natures". Mid-way through a Warrior shoot in Germany, this is how the news came that the Royal Welsh would disperse due to COVID-19. In armoured warfare, the force disperses to protect itself, communicates digitally, and comes together to deliver the required effect for the minimum time possible. From now, we would have to apply a similar pattern to regular battalion life. Every crisis brings opportunity. For many, this provided time to spend with wives and children from whom they were often absent. The Company was able to run a charity event and raise £3,413 for the ABF. For all, the immediate requirement

Exercise DRAGON’S CHALLENGE: A Section Commander’s perspective

The Alpha Company pre-training for Ex DRAGON’S CHALLENGE was conducted as a company to achieve maximum training value. We deployed to Okehampton Camp in Dartmoor for a 4-day training package. On Mon 16 Sep 19 we left Tidworth and headed for the Commando's playground. I was operating the DCCT running Application of Fire shoots and using the system to correct common errors with firers such as trigger snatching, incorrect butt position and poor breathing cycle. The time on the range was useful in helping soldiers adapt to firing with the Virtus load carrying system. On the Tuesday we were met by sunshine and a weather report stating highs of 21 degrees. The sections set off at 40-minute inte

Dispersed Working

Few people could have predicted the impact that Covid-19 would have on people at all levels of the Armed Forces and how it would change the working environment of everybody in the country. The sudden shift away from the workplace has empowered junior commanders and highlighted the need for agility and flexibility. Members of The Royal Welsh, from Officers to Fusiliers, have risen to the challenge incredibly well. We have all adapted the way our training and teaching is delivered, ensuring we stay current and competent, and most importantly being able and ready to perform our job effectively when required. As many organisations worldwide have found, the use of video conferencing has served a


Ex DRAGON STRIKE saw the Battalion deploy onto Salisbury Plain throughout the rather chilly month of November 2019. The deployment was part of a Battle Craft Syllabus (BCS) package which is a chance for the Battalion to apply the training it has received over the year in a testing field environment. At the end of the exercise each Company then underwent a rigorous test phase set by Battalion HQ. The week leading up to our deployment was busy one which saw the whole Company up in the sheds, some until the early hours, working hard to finalise the handover of vehicles from A Company in good order. Some of these vehicles had already been out on the plain for over a month as A Company had initia

Nordic Skiing – Ex NORDIC SWORD

The Nordic Skiing season started in mid-November 2019 for the 1 R Welsh team. A team of 8 deployed to Idre-Fjall in Sweden for the pre-competition training package organised by Infantry Nordic. The Battalion had just completed Ex DRAGON STRIKE, a Bn level training exercise on Salisbury Plain a few days before driving out to Sweden so this was a great reward for the Welsh Warriors who deployed on the exercise. This was the second season that the Infantry held its training camp in Idre-Fjall, Sweden. It’s a leading venue with perfect snow conditions and a state-of-the-art range complex. The camp was three weeks long with some of the best instructors around, several of them were ex winter Olymp

Service with the Joint Service Parachute Wing, Netheravon

In summer 2019, I was lucky to be offered a black economy posting to the Joint Service Parachute Wing Netheravon (JSPWN). The duration of the posting was a year, but it ended slightly early due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The JSPWN is the home of parachuting for the British Army and the courses cater for a range of abilities from foundation level to advanced candidates. I acted as an assistant staff member to the instructors who worked with 11 other soldiers from many different regiments. Before I could begin, I had to complete my jump qualifications to get my first skydiving license. After A total of 19 jumps I was qualified: an achievement that I will be forever grateful to the Army for, an

My experience as AMA to Commander Joint Military Command Wales (160X) – Op RESCRIPT

Upon the nationwide lockdown, triggered by the exponential growth of COVID-19, the 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh made a swift exit from Ex GOTHIC DRAGON in Sennelager, Germany and began Working from Home. I was offered the opportunity to act as the Assistant Military Attaché for Commander JMC Wales, Brigadier Andrew Dawes CBE, in support of the Op RESCRIPT effort in Wales. Naturally, I felt this to be a good opportunity to avoid the repetitive days of lockdown but also to help as a small cog in a big machine, in the Welsh effort to combat COVID-19. It was the first time I have been exposed to a Brigade HQ environment. I had to learn quickly whilst also being a fresh eye on how the JMC was op

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