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1 R WELSH support to the British Military Mission to the Saudi Arabian National Guard

In early 2020, 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh deployed three independent Short Term Training Teams, consisting of four soldiers per team, to support the British Military Mission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One team was centred in Riyadh conducting Marksmanship and another in Dammam, focused on Urban Operations. The teams supported the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG). As overall Team Leader, I will focus on my team’s experience supporting the Internal Security and Patrols course run in the Western Sector with the support of Corporals McDonald, Merril and Tipping. We were to be based in Jeddah; home of the Islamic Port and gateway to pilgrimages to the holy cities – only 70KM from the

Exercise FUGITIVES SCHOLAR - February 2020

I was fortunate enough to be selected to visit Fugitives Drift early this year, an opportunity of a lifetime. Before leaving for South Africa, we reflected during the annual Rorke's Drift day commemoration in Battalion and I stood in church and read accounts of CSgt Bourne from his time on the battlefield. During those readings I didn't really realise how impressive this individual was and how my interest in the Anglo-Zulu war was about to change. I flew from Heathrow to Johannesburg, spent a short time exploring and finally caught a coach 250 miles across South Africa to Ladysmith, another place the Regiment had fought battles in the years prior. An interesting place, hustle and bustle but

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