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4 Platoon, B (Rorke's Drift) Company deployed as part of C (Kohima) Company 2 MERCIAN within the 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (1 PPCLI) Battle Group as the Opposing Force for the 1st Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (1 CMBG) in May 2019. Our mission was to provide a conventional, peer opponent for 1 CMBG during their final validation at Wainwright Training Area, Alberta where the Brigade were assessed for high readiness. Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE is set in a combined-arms, conventional war-fighting environment, with approximately 6,000 exercising troops. We met C Company, 2 MERCIAN at South Cerney for the lengthy journey to Wainwright. Upon arrival we conducted tw


During the first week of May 2019, C (Charlie) Coy, augmented by members of 5 Platoon B (Rorke’s Drift) Coy, deployed on Salisbury Plain to support Exercise LIONS STRIKE. The exercise is designed to refresh company commanders with the tactical demands of their new role before they take post. With many of the students returning to their regiments from administrative or external postings, this exercise saw them take on appointments as Platoon sergeant (Pl Sgt), Platoon commander (Pl Comd), Company Sergeant Major (CSM) and, crucially, Company Commander (OC) with C Coy’s own command element observing and coaching them over a challenging three days. For the Charlie Company this was a golden oppor

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