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Wales University Officers’ Training Corps: Ex LION STAR

Back in April 2016, Wales University Officer Training Corp (WUOTC) deployed to RAF Akrotiri to run the consolidated MOD Bravo package on behalf of Sandhurst Group and the Reserve Commissioning Course; EX LION STAR 1/16. I participated in this Exercise as an Officer Cadet and it was my penultimate action with WUOTC, Cardiff Detachment, before moving on to attend the Regular Commissioning Course 171 at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. I remember it fondly. It was challenging and exciting, in terms of the content of the course as well as the overseas training environment of Bloodhound Camp and RAF Akrotiri Training Area. This was an opportunity that not many Officer Cadets were afforded. T


Once again, the 3rd Battalion hosted a successful unit skiing expedition to the glorious French Alps, returning to Meribel-Motterat and Les Trois Vallées. Home to the largest ski area in the world and consisting of over 300 ski runs and plenty of off piste, it was an excellent location to return to for the delivery of a range of Joint Service Alpine ski courses at various levels. A total of 39 personnel took part, including a student from London UOTC and three external ski instructors. Deploying on the 15th March, the main party left the familiar sights of Cardiff for the snow-covered slopes of Meribel. After a 25-hour long coach journey the tired main body arrived and, under the direction o

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