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Nordic Skiing: From Novice team to World Championship course

The Nordic Skiing season started in mid-November for the 1 R WELSH team. A team of 8 deployed to Idre-Fjall in Sweden for the pre-competition training package organised by Infantry Nordic. There were some familiar faces in the team who brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, notably Cpl Morris of B Coy who is also a Nordic Skiing instructor having done 7 seasons previously. These were joined by 6 of the team who had never heard of Nordic Skiing! Idre-Fjall, Sweden was the perfect setup for a Nordic Skiing camp, it was a leading venue with perfect snow conditions and a state-of-the-art range complex. The camp was three weeks long with some of the best instructors around, sev


Exercise TEAM SPIRIT is the name of the final exercise for the Armoured Infantry Crew Commanders Course (AICCC) which is run from the Land Warfare Centre in Warminster. The exercise is the culmination of a 4 week tactical course and tests the students on what they’ve learnt over their careers and more importantly the most up to date doctrine that is taught on the course. The students go through a number of different tactical actions working alongside the heavy armour units using the Challenger 2 main battle tank, this is the norm for armoured infantry units and you’ll very rarely see armoured infantry being deployed without the support of heavy armour. 1 R WELSH facilitated the exercise with


Ex FROSTED BLADE is the annual Infantry ski championship held in Val d’Isere (France). Run for five weeks over the Christmas period, the exercise aims to test Infantry soldiers both physically and mentally whilst developing them as race skiers who will compete at the Divisional and Army championships. Ex FROSTED BLADE caters for all ability levels and provides a venue where all Infantry Battalions can race against each other in the four alpine ski disciplines. This year the 1st Battalion’s team of 8 was made up from 5 novice and 3 experienced skiers. The team arrived on the evening of Saturday 8th December but did not start training until Monday. This offered time for some relaxation and the

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